Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Update from the trek to base camp

Jon is at 12,687 feet by the Tengboche monastery.  The trek is going very well.  Today, the weather turned cold and a little snowy and the group is heading to Pheriche (14,340 feet).

-- Susan Reiter

Video from Jon of the view from his room in Tengboche
(This video plays on a laptop/computer but doesn't play on my iPhone)

Jon Reiter and Moises Nava
At the Hotel Everest View on April 4, 2015
First View of Everest and Lhotse


  1. Stay warm, or at least as warm as you can up there, love ya dad! -Zack

  2. Many blessings of safety and guidance, good health and humor on your journey! We're all praying for you. Love, Aunt Zoe Ann

  3. Have a safe trek Jon! Cheers! -Jinger

  4. What a room!!!! Beautiful!

  5. Hi Jon this is just a test as I'm trying to navigate your blog

  6. soooo forgive me for taking so long to write I sure am enjoying seeing you and knowing its going great. Din for "5,000 Days" was amazing. I gave A several math problems using 5,000 not realizing he would solve on the spot. I've saved them for you. Then he gives me: something like :3,436, 742,945 time 60
    SERIOUSLY DUDE I take a mad guess and I'm only off by 200,000
    Really enjoying the book Nancy has finished and Deb & Mildred are ready too lov mb

  7. We Are Sending Love AnD Prayers And Positive Energy And AllOur best To You. Safest Of "Travel Mercies" And Blessings FOr Good health! Love, AuntTina And family