Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday update

A few news programs have asked for an update on the situation at Everest Base Camp.  This morning (Monday), Jon might be on Good Morning America and the Today show.  Tonight (Monday night), he might be on CNN on Erin Burnett and Anderson Cooper.
Jon Reiter, left and Moises Nava,right 

Our local paper, the Press Democrat, received this message from Jon:

"A little hectic getting injured out today. We have helis today so we're moving everyone we can down below the icefall. Two more Avalanches last nite. 
No more casualties over night."

When Jon called me tonight, we had a bad connection and couldn't hear each other very well.  He had a great connection when he called his good friend Jerry.  Here's what he found out:

"I just received a call from Jon, as communications were briefly available. Although sleep has been minimal he is FINE as those uninjured continue to aid those in need. Their goal is to get all injured off the mountain via helicopters. It is now 9:00 a.m. in Nepal and he's optimistic that they'll reach their goal, however there's a possible storm coming, so nothing is for sure.
   At this point, Jon has no idea when he'll get off the mountain, let alone down to Katmandu and eventually home. We all know he has a strong 'constitution', but I'm sure he would appreciate a few prayers for his safe return."


  1. Hang in there my friend! Stay safe!

  2. Good morning Jon, just posting those words makes me very grateful, that your still there and O.K. Just by "chance" I turned of CBS news at 6:40 and there you were. I taped it and called Susan who was on her way back from the city with Agustin. It was so good to see you and read about all this in the Press Dem sun You and all the rescue teams are in our constant thoughts and prayers. Stay Safe lov lov lov

  3. We are praying for you and all of the people of Napal. So proud that you have continued to be of service to the injured. Love you so much little brother.

  4. Prayers go out to all effected in the earthquake in Nepal. So had to here Jon is safe. Will keep u all in our prayers. Love u Jon Reiter...your coding Judy Tenneyuque

  5. Hello Susan and Jon, I am the Morning News Producer at KSRO radio in Santa Rosa. We are wondering if either of you have time to talk to us Tuesday morning on the phone for a short interview and an update on the situation at Base Camp. I heard your interview with CNN, I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. We wish you the best and hope that the rescue effort continues smoothly. My email marquesmaverick at gmail dot com

  6. Hi Susan,

    My name it Tony Landucci and I'm with KSRO News radio in Santa Rosa. I'm hoping to get a few words from you about how the family is doing as you wait for word from Jon.

    I can be reached at (707) 292 9916
    Tony Landucci
    ABC/KSRO News Anchor
    Newstalk 1350 KSRO
    Cell: 707.292.9916
    Station: 707.636.1350

  7. Yes, of course we all continue to pray for our intrepid mountaineer. Joe and Denise Benguerel

  8. Thankful For Your Safety Jon, Prayers Continue for All The Deceased,Injured, And famiLies. And For Ypu As Well, Of Course. We All Send Our Loving Wishes And Prayerful Support/God's Mercies On All Those Suffering. Aunt Tina