Monday, April 27, 2015

Jon is heading home

Additional helicopters arrived at Everest Base Camp today.  Several members of the team including Jon, Moises and Nathan loaded the last of the injured victims and then later, the casualties, to be carried off the mountain.

After that, the three guys got on the last helicopter of the day and headed down from base camp to Lukla and then on to Kathmandu.

Surprisingly, I was able to book Jon on a flight at the Kathmandu airport to leave 24 hours from now.

Erin Burnett did an interview with Jon on CNN:

-- Susan Reiter


  1. Jon, we are sorry you had to go through this again, but so thankful you are ok. Thank you for giving your time to help the injured. It was so helpful to have these updates from you knowing you were safe and uninjured. Denise and Joe Benguerel

  2. Jon: there are many open arms here in Kenwood to greet you upon your return
    You are an incredible human being. Words just cannot describe nor do justice nor comprehend. Let's get you home, and please everyone - do what you feel you can for the people of Nepal. They need our help. Jon put every one ahead of himself. We can all learn so much. - Lawrence

  3. Jon, Susan, and Agustin,
    David and I have been on our knees in prayer for the personal shock each of you have endured, in grief for the tragic losses you had to witness, and in thanksgiving for your selfless aid to others, and for your own miraculous safety. We were afraid that getting out of Base Camp was only the beginning of an arduous journey home. So far, so good... fingers crossed that the remainder of your journey home is without incident. Godspeed. Ginny and David

  4. Jon has been awesome. Susan you have been amazing.
    I know it has been tough for Agustin.
    It will be nice to say hi to Jon in Kenwood.

  5. Jon I can not wait to wrap my arms around your neck and tell you how proud I am of you and how grateful I am that you are home. Travel safe home little brother.
    Love You, Vicky

  6. Those of us in Sonoma Valley were relieved to hear that you were safe. I knew you were OK when I saw a photo credited to you of base camp after the multiple avalanches. Your blog had been so full of promise and optimism. Our hearts go out to all the climbers families and all the citizens of Nepal. I'll never forget my time in Nepal and the welcoming nature of its people. Glad you are safely off the mountain. I know you and Moises were extremely helpful at base camp aiding the injured. Safe travels home.

  7. Hello Susan and Jon, I know you are focused on coming home safely. We spoke with Lisa Rosenbusch this morning who is looking for her son Spencer Dickenson, a former Petaluma resident. He traveled on his own to Base Camp and may have left just hours before the quake. If you have any information on Spencer, can you add it to his Google Person Finder page? His family is very worried about him. Here's the page:

  8. Thank you for sharing, Susan! Prayers for your family, and all. Jon, can't wait to just hear your voice again! So grateful your family, community, and friends continue blessed with the amazing person you are. Take care my friend!

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  10. Holy Crap, It’s just crazy to think mother nature has to slam everything she has to keep you from going up that mountain.
    All the horribleness aside, If you can write down what doesn’t work, ATM, Phone, networks etc. valuable infor for us all . And I know you want to help but get the hell out of there, things get bad when people start to starve.
    Be safe and get home.

    Pablo De Mavericko