Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Training at altitude at home

Jon on a Hypoxico mask that simulates the body's reduced ability to
take in oxygen at altitude. Here he's training at home on the
treadmill at "18K feet". The tent next to it is for sleeping at


  1. What an incredible trip!! I hope you make it to the top (and I really hope you make it back to the bottom). Did you remember to take a copy of the Kenwood newspaper?

  2. Hi Jon its Mary I don't have acct here so I'll just be "Anyms" Nice photo in the airport Saw Ag yest & the bunnys and he went swimming It's raining today & I'll see him later for a bit think of you often luv always

  3. Jon,
    Good luck buddy, we will all be thinking about you and look forward to keeping up with you on this blog......be safe and stay in touch!!
    Cheers buddy :-)

  4. Have fun, stay safe, God Bless. Tim

  5. Great to see the behind the scenes photos. Really shows the dedication and what really goes into it. I'd wish you luck but you don't need it.

  6. Great to see you've landed safely. Good luck and have a wonderful climb!