Thursday, March 27, 2014


Marcus and I are on the streets of Kathmandu taking care of last minute details. We stopped by the Ministry of Interior today to sign for our E permits. Tomorrow we're up at 3:30 am to catch the first flight out to Lukla where we'll start hiking in. We'll be on a small prop plane flying into a village in the foothills. Some say that landing in Lukla is one of the scariest parts of the climb. Check out the History Channel's video of The Worlds Top Ten Most Dangerous Airports... guess what made #1... Should be an exciting morning.
(Here's the link:  History Channel - Lukla Airport)
We feel good - we're as ready as we'll ever get. The mountain looks good, attitudes are high and all gear has finally arrived. Now, if I had only taken the time to get into better shape we'd have it made ;-)
All of your comments on this blog are very much appreciated. This is definitely a place where a guy can start feeling disconnected. That can be a good thing or leaving you feeling distant. As the trip moves on notes from the home front are a cherished gift so keep em coming.
I'll send a picture and update once we hit the open trail.
We're off.. - Jon


  1. Jon,
    Best wishes! Based on the pix of you training (and sleeping) with your high altitude gear, you have certainly prepared yourself well. So from here on, it's just a matter of enjoying the experience and going with the flow, right? See if the sherpas have any new poker games to bring back for us. :) Bud & Linda

  2. Jon....physically, you've put in the work, you are ready! Embrace your mental toughness and fortitude. You CAN do this