Monday, March 31, 2014

Three great peaks

In the far distance, directly over my head is Everest. A little to the right of that (center of photo) is Lhotse, another of the 8000+ meter peaks. And on the far right is the awesome Ama Dablam. For all of you mountain buffs out there - this is quite a trio, especially to see all at once.
The trek to Everest BC looks far but the scenery is great. Things are going good here and the weather is perfect. At this rate we should be in BC in one week.


  1. HI Jon, with scenery and hiking like that it shouldn't take long to get rid of the stress of trying to get Via Cantera done before you left. Sounds like you are making the most of every moment, enjoy it to the max and come back safely. John

  2. Quite the view, looking good dad!

  3. Hi honey,
    What a beautiful view. I see the SPOT tracker right on your backpack. It's fun to follow your progress.
    I miss you!!
    Love, Susan

    Here's the link to follow Jon:

  4. how about a piece of that humble pie? I'm sure any man would be humbled by those peaks great peaks. just to think of the men of history whom have stood where you stand in this pic and those same men who had the same thoughts and apprehensions as you do, is nothing short of awe inspiring. the mountains looked inviting that day. I'm sure their arms will remain wide open as you continue your approach.

  5. We wish you luck and hope you get to the summit safely, and that the weather stays good for you. We're looking forward to hearing your updates as you keep going. We're all thinking about you. You look strong and healthy and ready to go!

    Ms. Cagle's Kenwood School 3rd Grade

  6. You da man, Jon. Damn, wish I could have joined you to base camp, but not to be. Thanks for bringing us along for the vicarious thrills. And it really is exciting. I wish you all the strength and energy you need, plus a 10% margin just for luck. You can't see us, but we are all behind you bringing encouragement and admiration.
    Good climbing, my friend.