Friday, April 11, 2014

Base Camp has arrived

We made it to BC - our home for the next few weeks. In the pix attached you can see the interstate trucking service that we used to get our duffels up here. Much more reliable than Mack trucks but they're also a little bit opinionated. When they decide to pass us on the trail we simply step aside and hope they don't swing their head too much.
Also is a picture of the us arriving at the official BC gateway. Left to right, Andreas, me, Marcus (who will stay with me throughout) and then Bret. Andreas and Bret will leave today for their long trek back to Lukla for a flight out to Katmandu.
We're feeling good overall and plan to start our first trips up through the icefall in the next week or two. In the meantime we're practicing on the ladders in BC, fixing our gear, acclimatizing and resting.

Missing all of you and home but feeling great... All my best to all of you who mean so much to me! Jon


  1. just so exciting to follow along.

  2. Jon, you have to finish the climb for the lost Sherpa's. It would be the right thing to do.


  3. OMG JON I am sooooooo glad you are O K Your most recent post it truly remarkable as you share your feelings and insights to this journey you are on. This experience you're having multiplies my love and respect for you in ways that continue to over whelm me. I am moved to tears of joy and gratitude for having you and your family in my life. My greatest joy is yet to come when you return P.S Just returned from Vegas what a hoot. Love M